Our water features will restore your pool's cool temperature.

   US Patent #D706,403

Is your swimming pool water too hot?
Your pool should be refreshing!

 Arctic Rain pool coolers answers the question, "How do I cool my pool?"; without adding expensive equipment or the need to reconfigure existing plumbing.

The pool coolers are great looking water features that connect to the existing return jets in your pool. The adjustable units come in a variety of attractive colors to blend seamlessly with your pool. While looking and sounding great, the pool coolers create consistent and relaxing swimming pool temperatures, even through the often scorching summer temperatures!

* 30,000 gallon pool - Midnight Blue quartz plaster *

Easy DIY Installation!!

Temperature reduction the first day!

On existing and new pool construction, we produced consistent 86º pool water temperatures* while seeing record outside temperatures!
*individual results may vary

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