Do the coolers require special instructions or installation? 

    Instructions are shipped with each Arctic Rain cooler. The installation is as easy as unscrewing the existing eyelet from the pool jet and screwing your new cooler into place. 

How many coolers do I need to purchase? 

    The beauty of Arctic Rain Coolers is their versatility. Our recommendation is to install a cooler on each jet. The cooling water feature units are sold in pairs and even a single pair will offer temperature relief. However, most customers purchase multiple units and get great temperature reduction. 

**If you have a separate connection for a vacuum cleaning system, we do NOT recommend installing a cooler here.

How quickly can I expect my pool to cool down? 

You can expect to see reduction in pool water temperature the day following installation.  We recommend that customers allow the pool equipment to run at night for the first 3-4 nights. The temperature reduction will increase as the days progress.

     Many customers choose to install the coolers at the beginning of the spring/summer
season in order to keep the pool temperature comfortable. When maintaining the pool temperature, you may run your pool equipment normally with the Arctic Rain Coolers installed. 

How do I measure to ensure I choose the right size?

     Measure from the water line to the top of the return jet. If the measurement is less than 15", choose the regular size Arctic Rain unit. Returns measuring 15"-21" below the waterline will require the Arctic Rain XL unit.

Will I need to remove the coolers in order to use the pool? 

    You will NOT need to remove the coolers to use the pool. The Arctic Rain Coolers are designed so that they are able to swivel below the surface of the pool water. This action will suppress the spray. 

What is your Refund/Exchange Policy? 

  • Refund 

    We love our product, and think you will too. If you are not fully satisfied with your Arctic Rain product, you may return the item within 30 days of sale date for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping/handling costs. Customers are responsible for all return shipping charges. The refund will be processed upon delivery of the returned item. 

  • Exchange 

    So you just purchased a brand new Arctic Rain cooler and it's not quite what you expected... Too big? Too small? Not quite the right color? No problem, you've got options. We will gladly exchange within the first 7 days of delivery.

Email to coordinate the necessary exchange. Customers are responsible for return shipping charges. The new parts will be shipped upon receipt of the original.​

Enjoy your Pool Again! 


The longer you wait, the more uncomfortable your pool will become. Stop swimming in bath water and order Arctic Rain today! 

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